December 09, 2013

Galaxy S3 Jellybean update - stuck or sticky download notifications

I just recently received the official Samsung Galaxy s3 JellyBean (Android 4.3) update from Sprint. It sounds like this update has been riddled with problems and was even temporarily pulled until the issues could be resolved. I seem to have gotten the latest iteration and things have gone fairly smoothly, except for one extremely annoying issue: I have two "file download" notifications that won't go away no matter what I tried.

Stuck notifications

Luckily I found this solution on an Android blog from user disgustinglyrad.joe:

  1. Open the "Downloads" app (Apps -> Downloads)
  2. Under both the "Internet" and "Other" downloads, click "clear all"
  3. Reboot the phone if needed.

Finally, no more stuck download notifications!